Continue to be Captive by the Delicacy of Gourmet FoodService Industry Ms. Lin

My decayed teeth started to deteriorate after I have been ignoring it for a long time. Without facing the problem directly, more serious condition started to surface. There was one incident where I suddenly suffer a severe toothache during a joyful meeting. I had to take pain killers right away to reduce the pain in order for it not to interfere with my work.

It is to a point that I had no other choice but to actively seek treatment. My first step was to find an experienced and skillful dentist whom educated me on the entire treatment process and the importance of selecting the appropriate implant. My dentist also allowed me to understand the germ growing environment was the reason for my tooth decay. I had more determination in finding good oral hygienic product than searching for a boyfriend. Luckily, with proper care, ceramic implant can effectively reduce proliferation of germs inside my mouth. It is important for me to look natural, not to worry about being awkward, to smile with confidence and to live up to the healthy life that I deserve.


I Can Also Give You the BestTechnology Industry Mr. Wu

My parents has always given me the best while growing up. With more and more teeth missing, my father hasn’t been able to enjoy delicious food for a long time. It has been causing him tons of trouble. His difficulty in chewing and swallowing eventually lead to chronic mal-nutrition which causes his body to become emaciated. Shrinkage of the alveolar bone made him look so much older.

Dental implants has become more and more common lately. Gathering information and gaining knowledge about implants, I was able to find a professional dentist to do an evaluation on my father before implementing the treatment of recovering his withering alveolar bone. The treatment was delayed in the beginning due to his sensitivity to metal materials. However, this time we decided to use the non-metal, highly durable ceramic dental implant. Carefully following the recovering instruction after the surgery, my father started to regain his vitality. I am proud to tell me father, “I can also give you the best!”


Quality Over PriceFreelance Mr. Chang

I had to do a dental reconstruction for one of my cracked and broken tooth due to an accident in my early days. For financial reasons, I got a fixed bridge which sacrificed two of my healthy teeth. However, the structure created pressure and eventually caused my gums to have major discomfort. I then started having frequent dental visits because of inflammation of the gums.

During one of the visits, I came across valuable information about dental implants and decided to have an evaluation in hope to get rid of the discomfort and pain caused by my dentures. To select a suitable implant, my main concern was durability. I did not want to further injure my already fractured teeth.

My unpleasant experience made me realize that having good quality and being comfortable weights more than price alone.