Core Product

Zirconia Dental Implant

One-piece ceramic implant made with extremely biocompatible Zirconia, suitable for most patients. Through thorough preliminary assessment, patients will experience reduced time for healing.


Zirconia Implant Drills

Use of biotech grade machinery, made with high-purity of Zirconia. Its strong enough to produce shap cutting edge, prone to acid-base environment and won't easily heat up, which effectively reduces risk when used during surgery. Highly compliments dentist's abilities when used.

Detachable Zirconia Blade

1. Detachable zirconia blade
2. Made from zirconia that has passed ISO10993 biocompatibility examination.
3. Highly abrasion resistant material with great hardness and strong cutting force.
4. Can endure high temperature autoclave sterilization and has long service life.
5. Highly resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high density, excellent insulating quality, low
friction coefficient, low optical absorption coefficient and high chemical stability.
6. Stainless steel handle, streamline design and anti-slip management for ease of applying force.



Detachable Zirconia Blade icon

Pediatric Crown

ZiBone Pediatric crowns made by FDA certified Zirconia material. Zirconia is a proven biocompatible material in the human body. The color is natural white similar to human teeth.

Zirconia Block

ZiBone Zirconia Block is made of Zirconia powder from Japan with high translucent appearance. ZiBone adhere to the most stringent quality control procedures to ensure product quality and stability under ISO13485 and GMP. We insist on doing the best to meet your aesthetic requirements.

CAD CAM Dentistry

Provide safe and stable material with self-made Zirconia disk. Introduce the most prominent oral scanning technology with high precision digital system, we successfully integrate the systematic model, material, technology and accurately grasp the current trend in dentistry. In Taiwan, we successfully create impeccable proposal for all our patients.